This is Jack. He’s the star of my new webcomic, Jack Of All Grades.

I didn’t want Jack to just be a standard kid, because when you’re a teen at school, trying to find your place in the world – nobody feels like the standard kid. The pumpkin face is because he sees himself different from the other kids in school.

Does he in fact really have a human head? Is he white or black? I guess the pumpkin head decision asks a few questions, but he is just an avatar for lost teens. He’s everything and nothing. A blank avatar to enter yourself into.

Bad Taste Jokes

Are some of the jokes in poor taste or edgy? I don’t think so. Some people might think I’m making light of serious things like bullying, suicide and depression, but humour is how we navigate ourself around our emotions.

Because there’s a joke that involves suicide, it doesn’t mean I’m pointing at any victims or the act of suicide itself, I’m projecting Jack’s thoughts and feelings towards other pupils or his own confused, depressed thoughts and feelings.

If you don’t like the humour in the strips, then they’re just not for you, and that’s fine – there’s a million webcomics out there and none of them suit everybody – nor should they. Just know that the jokes are always written with a light heart and never come from a place of hate or negativity.

I hope you like Jack and there will be more things coming up in the future. For now, I will release a webcomic every weekday Monday-Friday, but I eventually want to write a graphic novel once I’m familiar with Jack and how he reacts to his surroundings. I also want to bring out instructional videos and a bunch of other things.

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Keep Spookin’
Ace 🎃

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